Treat Yourself to the Day Spa Melbourne

Treat Yourself to the Day Spa Melbourne

The Day Spa Melbourne is designed to give you a relaxing period for contemplation and inspiration. At the Chuan Spa’s private steam room, your therapist will apply oil and an exfoliation scrub to buff away dry skin. Your body will then be cooled and hydrated. You will receive a cooling facial cleanse, mask and hair mask. The finishing touch is an invigorating steam room shower to wake up your senses. Your day spa Melbourne treatment will leave you refreshed and revitalized.Day Spa Melbourne from Body Freedom Day Spa are individually tailored to your specific needs. Your skin type will be evaluated and treat accordingly. You can chose the duration of your facial. We will use either Thalgo Marine Algae or Phyts Certified Organice whichever you prefer. Your therapist will give you advice on the best substance for your facial, based on the evaluation. 

Schedule our hot oil and scalp massage at Day Spa Melbourne. It is a tension reliever and will leave you feeling very relaxed and energized. We can also relieve tension and pain in your hands and feet. After exfoliating the dry skin from your hands and feet, we will do a hand and foot massage as well as a scalp massage. The Day Spa Melbourne will make you feel completely terrific.

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